Street Light

Binary Infra Light is the sole source of food generation for all living organisms on the earth. Almost all living beings depend on light for their food and energy. Plants and other autotrophs synthesize their own food materials by use of light.

Wide Street

Setback regulations vary based on Street Width. For example the Quality Housing Program sets a Wide Street foot setback for buildings on a Wide Street and a Wide Street Setback for buildings on a Wide  Street.


Security instruments. We install CCTV cameras in Binary Infrs  and the National Capital Region. Camsense Best for Who Looking Service for CCTV Camera Installation Near Me Many businesses rely heavily on professional security services. Anyone participating in the company’s everyday operations, whether an employee or a client,


Parks are a tangible reflection of the quality of life in a community. Parks provide gathering places for families and Parks may consist of grassy areas, rocks, soil and trees, but may also contain buildings and other artifacts such as monuments, fountains or playground … social groups, as well as for …

Community Center

A multi-ethnic group of preschool students is sitting with their legs crossed on the floor in their classroom. The mixed-race female teacher is sitting on the floor facing the children. The happy kids are smiling and following the teacher’s instructions. They have their arms raised in the air.


Commercial Area

A commercial area is real estate intended for use by for-profit businesses, such as office complexes, shopping malls, service stations, bars and restaurants. It may be purchased outright by a developer for future projects or leased through a real estate broker.